How many more Waves will there be?

A brief message containing actionable points for those worried about future waves of the Coronavirus pandemic

Staying Safe : Key Messages for these Pandemic Times

Let us be the Change we want to see! Every contribution to controlling this pandemic is vital, so do not under rate your own role! You are the Change that you want to see! To keep us and our loved ones safe, just practicing COVID Appropriate Behaviour is not enough! We need to vaccinate ourselvesContinue reading “Staying Safe : Key Messages for these Pandemic Times”

Domestic Assistants- Take care of them !

Work from Home, and even otherwise, most of us fully appreciate the unacknowledged contribution of our Domestic Assistants in making sure that all is well on the household front. We have a responsibility in taking care of our Domestic Assistants, to reciprocate their taking care of us and our families. Let us make all effortsContinue reading “Domestic Assistants- Take care of them !”

Already had COVID-19? What next?

In India as of 19th Jun 2021, though we have had many cases of COVID-19 across the country, affecting all strata of society (2,98,23,546 cases to date- as per , to give us a reality check, just about 2 out of every 100 Indians has experienced the disease, and the large majority of those,Continue reading “Already had COVID-19? What next?”

Key Messages for these Pandemic Times

Most of us are fully conversant with COVID Appropriate Behaviour by now, and are aware of what all is being done and has been done by the Government and other agencies to control the pandemic, with varying degrees of success. Just to remind you, COVID Appropriate Behaviour, i.e simply correctly wearing a well fitting mask consistently,Continue reading “Key Messages for these Pandemic Times”

The Third Wave? Will it affect our children?

In June 2021, daily, we are inundated with dire predictions about a ‘third wave’. Social media is in a frenzy commenting on the threat to children, parents across India are rightly perturbed. Is this all hype and hoopla? The honest truth is that no one, not the armchair epidemiologists, not the mathematical modellers, not theContinue reading “The Third Wave? Will it affect our children?”

Corporate Sector Vaccination ! The hidden paradigm. As corporate India gears up to engage in an employee oriented welfare scheme to vaccinate them and theirs, the query that may crop up most often may be that “Will the Govt facilitate the process or will the local bureaucracy impose meaningless restrictions?” Such as “Cannot vaccinate in-laws“, “Cannot vaccinate partner if not married“,Continue reading “Corporate Sector Vaccination ! The hidden paradigm.”