End of the Pandemic?

05 May 2023. The World Health Organization notifies the end of the latest “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC) , that we, the common people, have been referring to as the COVID pandemic over the past three years since the first lockdown in March 2020 (did you just shudder?). Everything has changed, and yetContinue reading “End of the Pandemic?”

Chinese Whisper

Is there a new wave waiting to emerge like a tenuous bubble in a cauldron? Do you really want to believe everything on social media? Think. Check. Do not Forward (if unverified). This simple three step approach should guide our handling of the flood of social media messages. Just because the Govt of India inContinue reading “Chinese Whisper”

Comprehensive Primary Health Care, the only way forward for Universal Health Coverage?

Based on recent developments, and announcements in the public domain, including deliberations at the recent Indian Public Health Association Conference 2022 held at Pune, India from 23 Sep to 25 Sep 2022, it emerges that there is a welcome change in the planned approach of the Govt of India, possibly keeping in view the desireContinue reading “Comprehensive Primary Health Care, the only way forward for Universal Health Coverage?”

Is “it” over? Is this ‘the end”?

This is the endBeautiful friendThis is the end This epic rock song from ‘The Doors’ was mostly reserved for the grand finale of some of their concerts in the late ’60s. So, is it the end of the pandemic, this (hopefully) once in a life time event of this century? Or are we just tiredContinue reading “Is “it” over? Is this ‘the end”?”

Staying Safe : Key Messages for these Pandemic Times

Let us be the Change we want to see! Every contribution to controlling this pandemic is vital, so do not under rate your own role! You are the Change that you want to see! To keep us and our loved ones safe, just practicing COVID Appropriate Behaviour is not enough! We need to vaccinate ourselvesContinue reading “Staying Safe : Key Messages for these Pandemic Times”

Domestic Assistants- Take care of them !

Work from Home, and even otherwise, most of us fully appreciate the unacknowledged contribution of our Domestic Assistants in making sure that all is well on the household front. We have a responsibility in taking care of our Domestic Assistants, to reciprocate their taking care of us and our families. Let us make all effortsContinue reading “Domestic Assistants- Take care of them !”