Health Risk Communication & Community Engagement

Evidence based insight is provided by Delta Zulu Consultancy, into stratified and targeted approaches to Health, Social and Behaviour Change Communication – for Corporates, Advertising Agencies, CSR initiatives, NGOs and individuals. This forms the highly relevant paradigm of HRCCE (Health Risk Communication & Community Engagement)

The topics in the initial days of the Initiative ranged from basic info on the Coronavirus, to simple home level prevention measures, from parenting in COVID times to screening and care for Diabetes and Hypertension, and from Mental wellness to   Elderly Care. Regular inputs were sought from the target audience to obtain suggestions and requests for topics and themes. Encouragement was also given to contributions to design and content, from various individuals.

In these COVID pandemic times, there is a surfeit of misinformation and disinformation being disseminated actively through multiple channels. The constant onslaught of information overloads the processing capability of human beings, and leads to a state of confusion. In terms of incorporation of simple preventive measures in daily life, it can be perplexing for the common man to be confronted with a bewildering array of recommendations.

In 2021, a HRCCE initiative to reach out to the corporate workforce, and for field teams in the philanthropic community outreach sector, to translate suitably and take to their rural footprints was developed for the Tata Trusts. You can click here to view all the material developed in 2021.

In the run up to the Lockdown 1.0 in the third week of March 2020, in the aftermath of the declaration of a pandemic by the WHO, it was decided to disseminate reliable and verified information about the coronavirus, the disease COVID 19 and in general about health issues through a series of missives, through social media channels.

It was intended for the output infosheets, formatted to A4 size, to be circulated for recipients own consumption and for onward transmission to their friends and relatives. The scope of the advisories was intended to be restricted to health and related issues only, with content selection being based on relevance, scientific and technical validity, and conformity with existing guidance being issued perioidically by the Government of India (MoHFW) or the WHO.

A young and talented colleague (Darshan Kulkarni) lent his creative skills to whip together these flyers based on technical content provided to him.


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