Monsoor Football at AFMC Pune

Monsoor Football The above link will (hopefully) lead you to an article written by Col Tommy Verghese, Retd, giving the background story of the “Monsoor” football tournament conducted every year at AFMC (you guessed right, in the monsoons)! This article was published in an earlier iteration of Dhanvantari (that annual College magazine which no studentContinue reading “Monsoor Football at AFMC Pune”

Capt Devashish Sharma, Kirti Chakra (Posthumous)

It is with undeniable pride, with a lump in my throat, with a tear lurking at the corner of my eye, with overwhelming emotion , I state , in all due humility, it is my privilege to aver that I am from the same batch of the Armed Forces Medical College (the Z Batch) asContinue reading “Capt Devashish Sharma, Kirti Chakra (Posthumous)”

Military Medicine : Hip or Hype ?

This post was published earlier in the magazine released annually by the Organizers of the AFMC Illuminati Society during their 2017 jamboree. Please visit to check out what a great job our young students are doing nowadays. The article in its original avatar , was intended to serve as a motivator for young medical studentsContinue reading “Military Medicine : Hip or Hype ?”

The Army Medical Corps – Timeless Reflections

Timeless Reflections is the title of a Coffee Table Book that was released in 2012 and was the brainchild of Lt Gen Ramdas, the then DGMS (Army). I had the privilege of being associated with the compilation and development of this project till its final form….. Timeless Reflections. Many a story can be told aboutContinue reading “The Army Medical Corps – Timeless Reflections”

Health Promotion at the workplace

There must be some sound business sense at play if Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet decide on appointing Dr Atul Gawande to promote health and wellness…… When will the common man (whose voice is eventually heard, when loud enough) , and then the corporate sector (lets leave the Govt out of this one), realise thatContinue reading “Health Promotion at the workplace”

Public Health – role within the hospital system

Awareness is key to success in any walk of life! More so when it pertains to such an important aspect of life i.e health and wellness! The hospital system is essentially a sickness care system…. the need of the modern times, caught up by the double whammy of Lifestyle Diseases and Communicable Diseases (in theContinue reading “Public Health – role within the hospital system”