The Third Wave? Will it affect our children?

In June 2021, daily, we are inundated with dire predictions about a ‘third wave’. Social media is in a frenzy commenting on the threat to children, parents across India are rightly perturbed. Is this all hype and hoopla? The honest truth is that no one, not the armchair epidemiologists, not the mathematical modellers, not theContinue reading “The Third Wave? Will it affect our children?”

Corporate Sector Vaccination ! The hidden paradigm. As corporate India gears up to engage in an employee oriented welfare scheme to vaccinate them and theirs, the query that may crop up most often may be that “Will the Govt facilitate the process or will the local bureaucracy impose meaningless restrictions?” Such as “Cannot vaccinate in-laws“, “Cannot vaccinate partner if not married“,Continue reading “Corporate Sector Vaccination ! The hidden paradigm.”

Visualizing the Pandemic Wave (s)

The above picture refers to an Op Ed by a senior colleague , who is an eminent epidemiologist, and well known in academia. It is a very well conveyed perspective on the ‘Pandemic of Panic’ being reported everywhere ( I recommend a click on the link given below the above image to read through theContinue reading “Visualizing the Pandemic Wave (s)”

Vaccine Tales- Let there be spaces in your togetherness- Increase the Gap between doses

With due apologies to Kahlil Gibran! Vaccination for protection against COVID19 began in mid Jan 2021, with Health Care Workers being focused upon, subsequently, other ‘Frontline workers’ were included in the prioritization list. After the government machinery got its logistics systems up and running, through an internet based CO-WIN system, the vaccination umbrella was extendedContinue reading “Vaccine Tales- Let there be spaces in your togetherness- Increase the Gap between doses”

Vaccine Tales Part 4: I had COVID already! Do I need this vaccine now?

“Doctor, why should I get the vaccine, when I have already come out of a COVID infection (unscathed)?” ” I believe that natural immunity acquired through having been infected, is better than vaccine derived immunity….” Well, again, on the lighter side of things, social media has educated a lot of people and given their opinionsContinue reading “Vaccine Tales Part 4: I had COVID already! Do I need this vaccine now?”

COVID Vaccine Tales Part 3 : Side Effects- Should you be worried?

Vaccines save lives! There can be no further debate on this! Since the past 100 years or so, vaccines have transformed human survival in the ongoing fight against microbes . These vaccines are virtually the only specific protection we have against our microscopic enemies (i.e for those which we have vaccines against). COVID-19 affects allContinue reading “COVID Vaccine Tales Part 3 : Side Effects- Should you be worried?”

Vaccine Tales Part 1 of many

Questions are being posed by all and sundry, about this vaccine for COVID 19. The WhatsApp intelligentsia are at it hammer and tongs. There is a degree of vaccine envy and a frisson of anticipation for those who will become eligible soon (when, is the vexatious question). Apparently the vaccine will not have any effect,Continue reading “Vaccine Tales Part 1 of many”

Dont get your Blood Pressure up thinking about ‘the vaccine’!

In the current times, to begin anything with a note about the much anticipated vaccine makes sure that your attention is caught! Whether a vaccine that ‘works’ will reach you, eventually, may just be a matter for speculation! Whether that vaccine will be safe is what will be worrying to you and to everyone! WaitContinue reading “Dont get your Blood Pressure up thinking about ‘the vaccine’!”