Food Safety Management Systems Consultancy

Our lead partner has received training in ISO 22000 and FSMS from the Bureau of Indian Standards and had achieved the highest level Gold Star rating. He is an IRCA-certificated auditor.
He has had extensive experience in conceptualizing and conducting training in FSMS in a module format for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, and also MPH students of the MUHS.
In the featured photograph you can see a group of medical students, being oriented on food Safety at the community kitchen level through an on site training session using a ‘standee’ incorporating the key messages about Food Safety. 
Delta Zulu Consultancy Services
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP mid term audits – For Corporate Clients
  • Food Safety Training and Education – For the Food Service Industry
  • Home Chef – operational training in Food Safety
Food Safety Testing 
An interesting educational video made by a very talented colleague Prof Puja Dudeja, is now available on YouTube, for viewing by a general audience.
Please share to reach as many people as possible….. knowledge is empowering.

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