Welcome to Delta Zulu Consultancy!  We intend to be the change that we want to see!

The name “Delta Zulu” refers to the “Dropping Zone“, that uncertain patch of land, mostly in hostile territory, where paratroopers land for a mission, once they make an exit from an airplane or helicopter.

Life is like a parachute jump, you have to get it right each time!

The rush of adrenaline, the surge of excitement and thrill on leaving the safe womb of an aircraft, clutching on for dear life to a parachute, the overwhelming sense of relief when the parachute actually deploys with a jerk and blooms into a welcome sight above one’s head,  the uncertainty of the “Dropping Zone”,  where you will land, how you will land, are both not in your hands!

That you will land, as gravity is inescapable, is a certainty……That you will deliver, that you will execute the mission is another certainty. This is exactly what is tossed up every day, in the dynamic and challenging field of Public Health, as it is practiced on the ground, at the level of the people!

Paratroopers across the world relate to this….. The Delta Zulu or DZ (Drop Zone)!

After over two and a half decades of active military duty, in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and jump off yet another plane to explore uncharted realms and hit a new DZ. Following yet another dream…

Yellow on… Green On… Go, Go, Go!


Hence… Delta Zulu Consultancy!

What manner of men are these who wear the maroon red beret? They are firstly all volunteers and are then toughened by hard physical training. As a result, they have that infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from physical well being. They have jumped from the air and by doing so have conquered fear.

Their duty lies in the van of the battle: they are proud of this honour and have never failed in any task.

They have the highest standards in all things, whether it be a skill in battle or smartness in the execution of all peacetime duties. They have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in defence as they are courageous in attack.

They are, in fact, men apart – every man an Emperor.” – Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery

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