Health Promotion at the workplace

There must be some sound business sense at play if Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet decide on appointing Dr Atul Gawande to promote health and wellness……

When will the common man (whose voice is eventually heard, when loud enough) , and then the corporate sector (lets leave the Govt out of this one), realise that health is in our hands, and that prevention indeed is often better than cure.

The very essence of Public Health practice is to strike at the grassroots and to promote wellness….. curative medicine is always there as a fail safe….



Public Health – role within the hospital system


Awareness is key to success in any walk of life! More so when it pertains to such an important aspect of life i.e health and wellness!

The hospital system is essentially a sickness care system…. the need of the modern times, caught up by the double whammy of Lifestyle Diseases and Communicable Diseases (in the developing world), , the need of the times is to transform into a holistic wellness and health promotion centre for the community being served.

There is a strong case in point for experienced Public Health Specialists with medical backgrounds to be integrated into the hospital based health care system to work with staff and patients alike, for health and wellness promotion.

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