Key Messages for these Pandemic Times

Most of us are fully conversant with COVID Appropriate Behaviour by now, and are aware of what all is being done and has been done by the Government and other agencies to control the pandemic, with varying degrees of success.

Just to remind you, COVID Appropriate Behaviour, i.e simply correctly wearing a well fitting mask consistently, washing our hands periodically, not touching our face (mouth ,nose, eyes) often, keeping physical distance from others, avoiding close contact, crowds, and crowded places, works well for adults, and for children too

However, what can help to more effectively control the pandemic and mitigate its impact, is, if all of us periodically disseminate suitable and consistent messages within our circles of influence, and motivate our families, friends and relatives to do so similarly.

Source: Tata Trusts

The first Five Key Messages , are important to be disseminated to those in our lives with whom we interact with regularly, including our domestic assistants, our building security personnel, the housekeeping staff, vendors and shopkeepers. These five key messages, if adopted uniformly by society at large, will possibly be decisive in halting ✋the coronavirus pandemic.

The next Two Key Messages, are about stigma and discrimination, which we need to focus on as the days unfold into weeks and months of the ongoing pandemic.

First, there was stigma and discrimination about cases, amongst those infected and those not infected, now there will be the same divisive issue about the vaccinated and those not vaccinated.

We can be victorious ✌ only when we overcome these petty barriers that stigma and discrimination pose for us as a society.

We all will be safe, when everyone is safe! That’s the catch with any measure that is to be instituted / implemented for pandemic control.

The most important one is saved for the last!

The one Key Message to hopefully vanquish the Coronavirus is the latest weapon we have, ‘the vaccine‘!

Don’t Hesitate, Vaccinate.

We need to strive to get everyone vaccinated.

In everyone’s safety, lies our own safety.

Use every opportunity you get, to spread the 5 + 2 + 1 Key Messages to all those you know.

Not just once, but again and again.

Please do share the attached info sheet with your family, friends and colleagues. And do suitably translate and convey verbally to those around you who will benefit from it.

Your family, your friends, your colleagues, we all need YOU, yes, 👉you ! to take action, Today!

Please connect with me if you would like to organize an orientation or training session on dissemination of these Key Messages , for your teams / organization.

Each one can reach many!💪


Published by Delta Zulu Consultancy

I am a Public Health Specialist with a passion for sustainable promotion of human co-existence with the environment! My areas of interest and expertise are Health Risk Communication and Community Engagement, Food Safety, Environmental Medicine and Mass Gathering Medicine. I believe in leveraging the power of technology to capture the imagination of people to inspire them to achieve their health potential, in a sustainable manner. I aspire to empower my partners and motivate stake holders to consistently seek 'work around' solutions, while hoping to achieve an utopian ideal balance.

3 thoughts on “Key Messages for these Pandemic Times

  1. Very well articulated Col Cariappa…. It’s the stigma and the pseudo ostracism which needs to be addressed. Remember the DM who ordered Disinfection of the poor labourers and migrant workers in Lockdown 1?We need to make people realise that everyone can be infected by the virus and no one is exempt from being infected.


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