60 Parachute Field Hospital

SIXTY , the Airborne Angels , the mother unit for all paratrooper doctors of the Medical Corps, was raised on 10th August 1942. For those interested in military history and for the trivia buffs, the first Indian paratrooper is none other a doctor who went on to command SIXTY with distinction- Col Arcot Govindaraj Rangaraj, MVC.

Col AG Rangaraj, MVC being escorted by me when I was a young Captain, just before my Para Basic course, circa 1992

Read here about Col Rangaraj:- https://theprint.in/defence/an-indian-army-officers-photos-will-be-all-over-south-korea-next-july-heres-why/328693/#:~:text=A%20decorated%20soldier%20and%20recipient,patients%20during%20the%20Korean%20war.

SIXTY has operated in support of the armed forces in India and abroad , from the jungles of Arakan, to the Korean War, from deserts, to jungles, to mountains, the doctors and men of SIXTY have been there, and done that! And along the journey, SIXTY has the quiet distinction of having received two Maha Vir Chakras, seven Vir Chakras, and multiple other awards, commendations, and citations, in its glorious 78 year history.

Only one way out of a plane for a paratrooper!

SIXTY being one of the few Airborne medical units across the world, is at the forefront of all rapid medical deployments, and its doctors and men, those who wear their maroon beret with pride, have rendered stellar service wherever they have been deployed across the decades.

The Platinum Jubilee of SIXTY was a much celebrated event in 2017 and was marked by a renewed focus on ensuring that the paratrooper doctors and men who pass through the portals of SIXTY will forever cherish their association.

Proud to be a paratrooper !

Happy Landings to all those Maroon Beret doctors out there!


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