Wintry Wellington

Wellington, near Ootacamund in the Nilgiri mountains of Tamil Nadu, India, is where this photo essay is set.

Again, tis not I, it be my runaway batchmate, the Running Man! Remember him from those photos taken whilst running around Calcutta, from an earlier blogpost?

Summers are deliciously cool, high in the Nilgiri mountains, and the wise reader may wisely infer that winters would be truly cold. Well, on a fine Sunday, R man decided to work up a sweat, and thereby unfolds the tale of a runaround…

Coonoor Railway Station… The first train waiting to leave for Ooty, just a few miles away.

The train station dating back to 1897. Tourists throng around to take in the vintage heritage railway.

The Municipal bus stand at Coonoor, a few hundred metres away

The deserted Mount Road, the main road of Coonoor. Obviously! It’s early morning on a winter day! Why would the good folks of Coonoor give up on their cozy beds!

A striking gopuram of a roadside temple… Typical of temples in Tamil Nadu…

The Coronation Gate… Almost a century old…

The sun tries to burn it’s way through the early morning fog… the weather could have been termed as heavenly… If 12 degrees is your idea of a pleasant day…

India is indeed Fab-ulous…

The lesser cousin of the Botanical gardens at Ooty.. the Sim’s park in Coonoor… More than 150yrs old..

A quaint motel in Upper Coonoor… Ostensibly serving up the best pizzas and pasta in the Nilgiris…

The misty driveway to the motel…

The motel…. A popular movie starring Rishi Kapoor … Kapoor & Sons was filmed here a few years ago.

The golf course in Wellington… I have visited this in 1994, however didn’t swing clubs badly in those days (I do now, badly I. E) , so couldn’t appreciate the undulating fairways well enough

Sunday school was a big thing for the Christian school mates of our Running man

Gymkhana clubs were set up across the country by the British rulers, to provide a place for the brown sahibs to hobnob with the White man!

Madras Regimental Centre war memorial…

The main gate of the Defence Services Staff College (DSSC) next to the war memorial…

The Pink Panther returns… Fibreglass figurines by the roadside…

The Madras Regimental Centre… The regiment traces its origins to the seige of the Seringapatnam fort… Among other battles… It is one of the oldest Infantry regiments in India…

The Assaye elephant… Allowed to be used as regimental symbol of the Madras Regiment after the battle of Seringapatnam…

The ceremonial entrance

Providing healthcare to the military population

The Manekshaw bridge… Reconstructed in 2009 after the original one built of Burma teak in 1878 became unfit for vehicular traffic … Let’s see how many years this one lasts!

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) a UNESCO heritage site… Has been in use since the 1900s

The modified steam engine which once propelled the train… Even today .. these are the engines which push the train up the hill from Mettupalayam to Coonoor, the segment which has inclines as steep as 1 in 12.5… the diesel engines take over the segment from Coonoor to Ooty.

The original Swiss made locomotive… it ran on coal and water …. It was a powerful little engine for its size! Another well preserved sister locomotive lies in the rail museum at Safdarjung Enclave in New Delhi. The new engines run on diesel burning furnaces which generate steam… Lighter, but as powerful.

Even small roadside temples are a riot of colours… This is India, we do lead lives filled with colour, despite millions eke-ing out a hand to mouth existence

This post is a prime example of Vicarious Phlogging (photo blogging while jogging) …. All the viewing pleasure without the bothersome running… That we have outsourced to Ranjith. Till next Sunday, or whenever more scenic locales are run through…..

That’s the 30 year batch cap on the young man! All set to outrace the Nilgiri express…. Does anyone remember that movie song which went Chhaiyan Chhaiyan, and has this curvaceous bimbette cavorting atop the train…

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