27th Oct : You knew it was Deepawali , Did you know it also was Infantry Day?

Greetings and best wishes to the reader , for the Festive season and for life in general.

You cant be in India and not get to know about Diwali or Deepawali, the Festival of lights , of joy, of celebration, of gorging on over caloric foods and general all round bon homie…….

Earthen lamps illuminate the banks of the River Sarayu as part of Diwali celebrations in Ayodhya (Photo: AP)
Ayodhya being lit up by over 6 lakh diyas (Source : AP)

However, what you might not know, or keep in focus is that today 27 October, is a day when we celebrate the glory of the Infantry Soldier, that unsung hero of many an unknown battle, the man who puts his life down on the line , so that we may breathe the air of freedom!

PM Modi extends greetings to soldiers on Infantry Day

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On 27 Oct 1947, when the princely State of Jammu and Kashmir was under attack by the tribal raiders supported by the troops of the newly formed Pakistani Army, the first Infantry contingent of Indian Army, the troops of the 1 SIKH Infantry Battalion, landed at Srinagar Airfield and fought a courageous battle to liberate the Kashmir valley from the intruders.

To commemorate this gallant action by the Infantry, October 27 is celebrated as the Infantry Day every year.

The heroes and martyrs of the undaunted Infantry have not only upheld the hallowed traditions of our Army, but also have enriched them by their glorious deeds of valour and sacrifice. The infantry has always stood by the nation in times of crisis and the Infantrymen had displayed utmost dedication, courage and selfless devotion to duty . (Source : ADGPI Facebook page)

I am the son of an Infantry Officer, and am privileged to have served with the finest men of the Indian Army, in support of the Infantry. Irrespective of the colour of their beret or that of their lanyard, these men represent the finest martial traditions of the subcontinent, and of the fighting soldier everywhere in the world.

God bless the brave soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces, who selflessly are guarding the Nation.

The Infantry soldier in battle rig (source : Official website of the Indian Army)


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