Mosquito Borne Diseases – A bit more…

Mosquito borne diseases, with Malaria predominating amongst these, are verily the scourge of humankind since times immemorial (I was about to write ‘mankind’, then remembered that I should try to use the gender sensitive term instead) . While there may be media and public hype about Elimination / Eradication / Control of diseases like Malaria, in my opinion, there are far too many variables involved in malariogenic conditions, ranging, from deforestation (and afforestation), climate change, unchecked and unplanned urbanization, evolving vector bionomic variations and most importantly human behaviour. Hence , I doubt that we will ever be able to move beyond ‘Control’ of malaria despite well meaning intentions to strive for ‘Elimination’.

The Mosquito borne diseases that city dwellers, (like you , me and our parents and our children) need to be concerned more about are Dengue and Chikungunya! Different kinds of mosquitos transmit these , as compared with malaria, which is less of a threat in cities today, and more likely to be contracted when you travel.

From the Govt of India website (National Health Portal)

In case you are diagnosed with Dengue, do note that there is no cause for panic. Usually, it is self limiting, however its best to keep a close watch on your clinical condition, and that is best done by meeting your neighbourhood doctor (preferably allopathic).

In case you are diagnosed with Dengue… Read the above infographic. Seek medical attention early!

At a recent Round Table meet between the Govt of Odisha and the Tata Trusts along with implementation partners, the situation of malaria prevention and control was discussed at length and many interesting insights were gained. This South Odisha based Project has been covered in an earlier blogpost

‘Rectangular’ Table Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 18 Jul 2019
Highlighting the Test Treat Track approach in the hinterland of Odisha
News coverage kind courtesy Bob John of Tata Trusts Corporate Communications Team

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