Capt Devashish Sharma, Kirti Chakra (Posthumous)

It is with undeniable pride, with a lump in my throat, with a tear lurking at the corner of my eye, with overwhelming emotion , I state , in all due humility, it is my privilege to aver that I am from the same batch of the Armed Forces Medical College (the Z Batch) as Capt Devashish Sharma, KC.

On 10 Dec 1994 Capt Devashish Sharma was serving as the Regimental Medical Officer, 26th Battalion the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army.

During a cordon & search operation in Dangarpur village (J&K), he shot a fleeing militant and himself sustained bullet injuries. Despite being wounded; he continued to render effective medical care to the other wounded soldiers and evacuated them to the hospital, prioritizing them ahead of himself in the time honoured tradition of Officers of the Indian Armed Forces and succumbed to his injuries in the process, making the supreme sacrifice for the Nation..

 In recognition of his exceptional bravery in face of the enemy and unsurpassable devotion to duty, he was awarded the KIRTI CHAKRA (the second highest peacetime gallantry award of India), posthumously on 26 Jan 1995.

He remains the first AMC officer and the first alumnus of the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India to receive this award.

In his memory, and combining the love of students of AFMC for Football in the midst of the monsoons, and the pre-MS Word autocorrect era  of the late 1980s, when the Monsoor Cup came into existence, Z Batch has been conducting the informal ‘nothing official  about it’, “Z Batch Devashish Sharma Memorial Mansoor Cup” every year in July – August since 2013. The more rain the better…. who can resist the slush and the slipping and sliding….

The inter Batch Futsal Tournament with a sparkling rolling trophy at stake and a cash prize for the winning team is conducted every year within the hallowed precincts of the Boys Hostel . Every year , one Batch has etched their name on the trophy! Who will it be this time in 2018, in the immediate aftermath of the World Cup?

This here is a photo from one of the past editions of the tournament.



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6 thoughts on “Capt Devashish Sharma, Kirti Chakra (Posthumous)

  1. DS is not the unsung unkept unhonoured hero- he is loved and remembered- wonderful to keep tournaments going in his name- games cement diverse people together- to fight it out, yet carry on in harmony- good step Zedd batch.


  2. His name is also immortalized on the passing out parade ground of Armed Forces Medical College


  3. I think AFMCites must’ve bagged lot of Gallantry Awards by now. We need to have a list of such people with their Batches & AFG No’s displayed in Goldeen letters on a board in the Comdt’s Office & in the AFMC Common Room. — Col (Dr) KSS Panwar,SC,SM,WM.(Battle Casualty) F Batch – AFG 674.


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